Spectacular antique images for a modern world - The Birds of America.

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INVEST IN A CALMER PAST.  John James Audubon, as America's most famous artist and naturalist, created unique, dramatic, life-size compositions which captured 19th century moments in time, moments which are pleasingly removed from the hurried pace found in todays cities and suburbs. We invite you to frame your walls with this calming art of John James Audubon.

The Princeton Double Elephant Edition is likewise unique, being the world's only direct-camera capture edition of these spectacular Birds of America. Uniquely produced, you have seen these exceptional prints in The New York Times, The Royal Society of London, The Taylor Clark Audubon Gallery, The Audubon House and Gallery in Key West, and in The New-York Historical Society.

At left is a small detail from a spectacular print, John James Audubon's Snowy Owl, plate # 121. Click the image at left to see more detail. Click here to see the entire image of this beautiful pair of Snowy Owls.

This print was based on a composition probably painted in 1829 on the East coast. Audubon gave these birds one of the only nocturnal settings found in The Birds of America.

We suggest a soft accent lamp mounted on the frame and focused on the downy breast. The fine art print measures 26 1/4 x 39 1/4. Archival paper and inks. Limited to 1500 worldwide. $1,200. TODAY $950.

Please note: We feature the Princeton Edition, the premier edition of all Audubon prints, and The Rare Print Edition, which is the finest of todays archival pigment editions. We do not sell Audubon pictures or posters. We only offer our clients Audubon fine art. The Princeton Edition in fact was produced through the purchase and use of the actual originals. This is the real deal in Audubon fine art.

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The Iceland or Gyrfalcon

Plate # 366, $1,200.

Rare Print Edition

Click image to see entire print.

Click here for a detail. 

Can Audubon fine art get any finer? This composition is regarded as one of Audubon's most powerful images.

Measurement: 28 x 39 inches.

Archival paper. Matches the size and quality of the Princeton Edition, and can be displayed together. We think the pairing of the Snowy Owls and these Gyrfalcons, both in black beaded frames with accent lamps, will absolutely arrest the attention of your guests.




The Pileated Woodpecker

Plate # 111, $1,200

Click image to see entire print.

In our view, of all the Audubon reproductions accomplished before and since, this Princeton Audubon Double Elephant Edition Pileated Woodpecker is the finest ever created. Its detail and color fidelity to the actual original which we purchased in order to physically set as the center of our reproduction process, is unmatched!  This is the best of the best, and will be the focal point wherever you choose to display it.

Archival inks and paper.





Below is an example of the detail in any print you purchase from this website. Click to enlarge the images and note the attention to detail in this print of The Florida Jay. (Rare Print Edition)

Original Audubon Octavo White Ibis

1st Edition, 6 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches. 1840-1844

When the production of the double elephant prints was nearing its completion, Audubon began a new undertaking.  This was to be a miniature edition of the Birds of America, accompanied by text.  This work is often termed The Royal Octavo Edition, the octavo referring to the size of the paper being about 1/8 the size of a normal folio, or about 6 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches.   Audubon himself called it "The Birds in Miniature" and you will also hear it simply being termed the 'miniatures'.  It was produced in Philadelphia, USA, by John T. Bowen.  See detail. $1,150

Looking for Octavo originals?  


Shown here is The Virginia Partridge from the Rare Print Edition, the only archival print edition which we sell alongside our own Princetons. These also are double elephant in size and are exact documents of the originals. You may frame and display these together with the Princeton Edition. A beautiful complement to this print is The Pinnated Grous from The Princeton Edition.



Original Audubon Octavo Polar Bear

Edition unknown, 6 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches

Get it before the ice melts! Audubon's sons saw the need to reduce the size of the Imperials, and beginning in 1849, the octavo edition of The Quadrupeds of North America was published in three volumes.  Volume 1 was followed in 1851 with the second volume, and the final, the third volume was published in 1854.  Between 1,999 and 2,004 sets were published in this first edition. $875

Looking for more Octavo originals?

Historical note: John James Audubon was barely older than the young United States when he arrived and made it his home in 1803. It wasn't long afterward that he journeyed the length of this fresh wilderness, composing over 400 studies, dramatic compositions of the birds which so fascinated him. Eventually he would cross the Atlantic several times with his latest drawings in order to have these birds of America engraved by Robert Havell of London. A reverse image of each composition was engraved into smooth copper plates. These plates were then inked, inked and then pressed together with dampened paper. The resulting properly oriented images were pulled from the plates, colored, and published as The Birds of America.  These precious originals were the prize of Kings and the mighty. Today, most are in the collections of museums and other institutions.

Shown here at left  is The Carolina Turtledove from the Princeton Audubon Edition. It is the world's only direct-camera capture image of this outstanding print.  This image was likely painted about 1825 in Louisiana. Click the image to see the entire printIn this painting Audubon attempted, as he wrote, to give "a faithful representation of two as gentle pairs of Turtles [doves] as ever cooed their loves in the green woods.  I have placed them on a branch of Stuartia, which you see ornamented with a profusion of white blossoms, emblematic of purity and chastity."  Cool. Fade-proof archival inks. Entire print measures 26 1/4 x 39 1/4 on heavy fine art paper recommended by The Library of Congress for archives. Simply fantastic!  Own it for $850. 



Astounding in its beauty, this is plate # 307, The Blue Crane. The white bird in the background is an immature little blue heron, quite as white as an egret and often mistaken for one since it does not wear its adult plumage until two years of age.  The view of the countryside near Charleston, South Carolina, was painted by George Lehman. Princeton Edition, 26 1/4 x 39 1/4. Regular retail $800. Today $650. Click the image to expand, and click here to see even more detail.



Think Audubon is just birds? These incredibly detailed prints measure 21 x 28 inches on Somerset paper imported from England. Here are two stunning examples.


Common Mouse $350 



Prairie Wolf $350



The stunning Carolina Parrot - Plate # 26, Extinct 

Audubon wrote of these parakeets, "The woods are the habitation best fitted for them, and there the richness of their plumage, their beautiful mode of flight, and even their screams, afford welcome intimation that our darkest forests and most sequestered swamps are not destitute of charms."  In later years he was to write:   "Our Parakeets are rapidly diminishing in number, and in some districts, where twenty-five years ago they were plentiful, scarcely any are now to be seen." 

Regular price $1,200. Today $600.

Click here to see the entire print.

Bring some 'Majestic' to your walls!

The Princeton Audubon American White Pelican, Plate # 311, measures 26 1/4 x 39 1/4. Edition of 450. $1,200

This print has wall presence! It is the world's only direct-camera-capture lithograph of this magnificent composition. Audubon likely composed the Pelican in Florida around 1831 or 1832. His assistant, George Lehman, worked on the background. This Princeton is simply the finest print of Audubon's White Pelican that has ever been produced. 

Audubon wrote:  "Ranged along the margins of the sand-bar, in broken array, stand a hundred heavy-bodied Pelicans...Pluming themselves, the gorged Pelicans patiently wait the return of hunger." 

Princeton folio size prints measure 26 1/4 x 39 1/4 inches, which is the actual trim size of the existing double elephants, this being the most common measurement after binding holes on the originals were trimmed away.  Printed on heavy Mohawk paper that is recommended by the Library of Congress for archives, the paper is specially toned to match the average paper color of the 180-year-old antique originals. Each print is accompanied with a corresponding Certificate of Authenticity showing the embossed seal of Princeton Audubon Limited, and the edition number.  Unless otherwise requested by the purchaser, each print itself is also embossed with the Princeton seal in the lower right, and pencil-numbered in the lower left with the edition number, denoting its limited edition. These are the real deal in Audubon fine art.


Note the four reduced-size fine art prints outlined in red below.  These are from our Essex New-York Historical Society Edition, a stunning set of top tier Audubon Birds of America prints. Of these, the Director of The New-York Historical Society says,

"Princeton has faithfully reproduced the N-YHS original engravings in a collector's edition of stunning quality and brilliant color."

These absolutely stunning prints sell for $250 each. More info. For a limited time you may purchase them for $150 each.

Essex (Reduced-size) Louisiana Heron 

Regular retail $250. Mint condition. Measures19 x 23 inches. Edition of 2500.  Produced by special permission of The New-York Historical Society.  Reduced size prints on exceptional quality Essex paper.  The paper is coated so that the ink "stands up" and gives a layered look. These are the highest quality prints you can obtain in this popular size.

Essex (Reduced-size) Roseate Spoonbill

Regular retail $250. Mint condition. Measures 19 x 23 inches. Edition of 2500. Audubon wrote "The Roseate Spoonbill is found for the most part along the marshy and muddy borders of estuaries, the mouths of rivers, ponds, or sea islands or keys partially overgrown with bushes, and perhaps still more commonly along the shores of those singular salt-water bayous.

Essex (Reduced-size) Great Blue Heron

Regular retail $250. Mint condition. 17 1/2 x 26 inches. Edition of 1000. Produced by special permission of The New-York Historical Society.  Reduced size prints on exceptional quality Essex paper.  The paper is coated so that the ink "stands up" and gives a layered look. These are the highest quality prints you can obtain in this popular size.

Essex (Reduced-size) Hooping Crane

Regular retail $250. Mint condition. 17 1/2 x 26 inches. Edition of 1000.  Produced by special permission of The New-York Historical Society.  Reduced size prints on exceptional quality Essex paper.  The paper is coated so that the ink "stands up" and gives a layered look. These are the highest quality prints you can obtain in this popular size.