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Feather your nest!

"Nothing, after all, could ever answer my enthusiastic desires to represent nature, except to copy her in her own way, alive and moving!" - John James Audubon

Detailed at left: John James Audubon's stunning plate # 321, The Roseate SpoonbillEssex Edition, 19 x 23 inches, archival paper and inks.

Louise Mirrer, Director of the New-York Historical Society says, "Princeton has faithfully reproduced the N-YHS original engravings in a collector's edition of stunning quality and brilliant color." 

  Also available in DEF size - $1,800


Feather your nest with double elephants!

 What is a double elephant?

Please note: This website sells only Audubon fine art, not common posters. 

Example: Whooping Crane in Gallery 2.

Left: Our Carolina Turtledove in a guest room at The Royal Society of London.

Right: Audubon at his best! The Purple Heron.

These spectacular double elephants are worth a special look ... Gyrfalcon, Mockingbird, Fish Hawk, Florida Jay, Great Blue Heron, Yellow-crowned Heron, Blue Crane, Snowy Owl, Snowy Heron, American White Pelican, Carolina Parrot, Pileated Woodpecker, American Flamingo, Baltimore Oriole, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Brown Pelican, Whooping Crane, Roseate Spoonbill 

... We talk Turkey - Wild Turkey Cock, Wild Turkey Female

...and here are four stunning reduced-size offerings from the collection of the New-York Historical Society ... The Great Blue Heron, The Hooping Crane, The Roseate Spoonbill, The Louisiana Heron

Welcome to Princeton Audubon Limited.  We invite you to invest in what Audubon author William Steiner calls "...simply the finest Audubon facsimiles ever produced." Princetons are far beyond common reproductions. The actual antique originals were purchased and physically centered in the re-creation process, resulting in absolutely exact documents of the original art. The prestigeous Royal Society of London, where Audubon himself served as a Fellow, chose Princeton prints for permanent display.That's a jolly good recommendation!  Martha Stewart Living asked to frame and display our Snowy Owl. Here is our Purple Heron in the offices of The New York Times

They are true prints, great paper, incredible detail and true colors...simply the finest Audubon facsimiles ever produced!" - Bill Steiner, Audubon print collector and author of Audubon Prints: A Collector's Guide To Every Edition.

"Of all the Audubon reproductions, Princetons come the closest in appearance and quality to the originals." Chris Lane, owner of Philadelphia Print Shop West and guest appraiser on PBS Antiques Roadshow.  More reviews.

Princeton Audubon Double Elephant prints in Gallery 1 (specifications) and Rare Print limited edition giclees in Gallery 2 are same size (facsimile) prints and can be displayed together. We also offer to our clients reduced size Audubon prints in Gallery 3, Audubon Quadrupeds in Gallery 4, and one of a kind special offers in our Basement. If ordering multiple prints, please take advantage of our special offers

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Between 1827 and 1838 John James Audubon produced his original life-size (double elephant) Birds of America. Princeton Audubon Limited purchased these originals in order to accurately reproduce them same-size, these being the world's only direct-camera capture fine art lithographs. 

Princetons in Gallery 1 were produced by the late David Johnson, a Master Printer and collector of Audubon originals who owned the paramount printing company in the country - Princeton Polychrome Press. This company, now sold, achieved an enviable nationwide reputation by reproducing fine art prints for the National Gallery of Art, National Portrait Gallery, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Detroit Institute of Arts and many more.

HISTORICAL NOTE: Since Audubon portrayed each bird in the foreground of his compositions the size of life, he needed to depict the larger birds in feeding positions in order for them to fit in the largest copperplates available in his day. As you will see, these images take up most of the area on the paper. Note the end feathers of this Crane. They actually protrude outside the area of the copperplate.


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If you are purchasing multiple prints, please utilize the special offers.

You may also purchase our prints from The New York Times online store, The Key West Audubon Gallery, The New York Historical Society, and The Taylor Clark Gallery in Baton Rouge.

GUARANTEE: Return prints in original condition in original packaging within 14 days of delivery for a complete refund!

Authenticate Princeton Prints

Our double elephant images will have this embossed seal at the lower right of each print to distinguish from originals. The paper is Mohawk Superfine Cover Stock which is specially toned to match the average color of the originals.

Our Snowy Owl as it appeared in Martha Stewart Living.