As seen in The New York Times and The Royal Society of London

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Limited edition fine art by Princeton Audubon Limited

"They are true prints, great paper, incredible detail and true colors. They are simply the finest Audubon facsimiles ever made!" William Steiner, Audubon collector and author of Audubon Prints: A Collector's Guide To Every Edition.

Left: Detail from The Pileated Woodpecker

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Welcome to Princeton Audubon Limited. Feather your nest with life-size Audubon Birds of America fine art prints. Princeton prints in Gallery 1 are the world's only direct-camera capture Audubon double elephant lithographs, far beyond common reproductions and are said to be simply the finest Birds of America prints ever produced! These are not mere posters or photographs which flood the Internet. Observations. Investing? Princeton purchased the actual originals and then physically used them in the re-creation process. "Of all the Audubon reproductions, Princetons come the closest in appearance and quality to the originals." Chris Lane, owner of Philadelphia Print Shop West and guest appraiser on PBS Antiques Roadshow. "True prints, grteat paper, incredible detail, true colors! Simply the finest Audubon facsimiles ever produced." William Steiner, print collector and author of Audubon Prints: A Collector's Guide To Every Edition. "With their astounding detail, definition, and color, the Princeton direct-camera facsimiles have long set the standard in Audubon Birds of America lithographs." Louise Mirrer, Director, The New-York Historical Society. Princetons are displayed by The Royal Society of London, of which Audubon was a Fellow, in their International Science Conference Center. Now that's a jolly good recommendation! You can feather your own nest with these same prints. But hurry. These are limited edition prints (500 or 1500) and they are nearing the end of the edition limit.



As we prepare for our retirement after 30 years, we are offering three substantial discounts. We thank all of our returning customers for all those years of enthusiastic support! Keep collecting!

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3)  Purchase any two prints from Gallery 3 for just $250. These are the reduced-size Essex prints. You may additionally apply the extra discount noted in number one above. How to do it : Simply go to Gallery 3 and use the special link at center.

Combination offer!  - The Brown Pelican ($1,200)  and The White Pelican ($1,200)  Both for $1,200! (See #2 above)

The Pelicans

The Brown Pelican at left was composed by Audubon in the spring of 1832 in Key West, Florida.  The American White Pelican was also composed in Florida in 1831 or 1832.

These massive birds have wall presence! We suggest conservation framing.

Purchase both for just $1,200!


Combination offer!  - Snowy Owl ($1,200) from Gallery 1 and the Gyrfalcon ($1,200) from Gallery 2.  $1,850!

Magnificent Birds of the North

This is world class fine art, and a world class offering! The Snowy Owl at left is a Princeton Audubon Double Elephnat Edition measuring 26 1/4 x 39 1/4.  The Gyrfalcon or Iceland Falcon at right is a Rare Print Edition, also a double elephant measuring 28 x 39 inches. Both prints retail at $1,200. Aquire both from this page for just $1,850!

We suggest conservation framing with a soft accent lamp focused on the center of the print.

Audubon Print Primer: Audubon and his sons produced several print editions. The most famous, and most valuable, is the original 'double elephant' folio entitled Birds of America. These are sometimes termed the Audubon/Havell prints, Havell being the primary engraver. These prints were produced by using as a basis the watercolor compositions or studies that Audubon accomplished mainly in the open field. These were then taken to London, where Havell's shop was located. Havell, often under the direct supervision of Audubon himself, would then engrave with precision tools a reverse image of the watercolor study. These engravings were on copper plates, some plates being as large as 27 1/2 x 39 1/2 inches, and others being smaller for the smaller images. When finished, the plates were inked and dampened paper ( all paper being double elephant size, 27 1/2 x 39 1/2 inches, untrimmed) was placed upon them, and then both were run through rollers of a press. The paper was then pulled, or peeled off the plate. What resulted was a properly oriented black and white image, no longer reversed. More

Got feathers? Detail from Pinnated Grous.



Looking for a supurb Audubon first edition original octavo?  Own a piece of American history!  This is the White Ibis, plate # 360, produced by Audubon between 1800 - 1844.  It measures app. 7 x 9 inches. Enlarge the picture and you will see the original binding holes. We are offering this stunning image today for $650!


This is plate 128, the Rocky Mountain Goat. Measuring 21 x 28 inches, this is a rare find. Often called Audubon's forgotten work, the quadrupeds are exceptional displays of his talent as a mature artist.  More Imperial Quadrupeds and info.

A JOLLY GOOD RECOMMENDATION!  The premier edition of all Audubon prints is The Princeton Audubon Double Elephant Edition. As evidence of that, The Royal Society of London, to which Audubon himself belonged as a Fellow, recently chose Princeton prints to permanently display in Chicheley Hall in Buckinghamshire, a 300 year old estate which is now their International Science Center.You may acquire these same prints from this website, from The New York Times Store, from the Audubon House and Gallery in Key West, Florida, and The Taylor Clark Audubon Gallery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We invite you to frame history, and invest in a calmer past. See our prints in The Royal Society.

SPECIFICATIONS. Sold unframed. Double elephant (life size - 26 1/4 x 39 1/4) •Limited editions of 1500. •Pencil-numbered and embossed with the Princeton Audubon Limited seal. •Up to 11 color plates used. •Specially developed fade-proof inks. Absolute color fidelity to the actual original. •Printed on a 300 line. •Very heavy archival paper which is recommended by the Library of Congress for archives and is specially toned to match the actual color of the antique originals. •Registered to purchaser. •As seen in New York Times •As permanently displayed at The Royal Society of London, to which Audubon belonged as a Fellow. Left: The Blue Crane

Right: Our Purple Heron as displayed in the offices of The New York Times. It was this print which launched The New York Times Online Store. We sold 42 of these prints the first day they were offered. Now, as we near retirement, we only have a precious few left from this edition.

Princetons were produced by the late David Johnson, a Master Printer and collector of Audubon originals who owned the paramount printing company in the country - Princeton Polychrome Press. This company, now sold, achieved an enviable nationwide reputation by reproducing fine art prints for the National Gallery of Art, National Portrait Gallery, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Detroit Institute of Arts and many more.


You may also securely purchase our prints through The New-York Historical Society, The New York Times store, The Key West Audubon Gallery in Florida, and The Taylor Clark Gallery in Louisiana.

Guarantee: Return prints in original condition and packaging within 14 days for a complete refund. 

The Snowy Owl. Martha Stewart Living asked if they could frame one of our prints and show it off in their magazine, to which we agreed. We think they did a fine job in framing this Owl.

Between 1827 and 1838, John James Audubon produced in London, England, 200 original aquatint life-size engravings of 435 different compositions of birds from North America. Beginning in 1860, many reproduction editions have been accomplished in various sizes, most reproduced from a small photograph or computer scan. Today, most Audubon reproductions are ink-jet printouts. Of all the full-size facsimiles however, only the Princeton Folio Edition was produced through the purchase and direct physical use of the actual originals. Thus, Princeton prints retain a physical connection to Audubon's "great work" and are printed on the highest quality paper with ink pressed into the paper through the rollers of the press.

Princetons are exceptional works of fine art. This owl was even sent back through the rollers of the press a second time in order to deepen the background of the approaching storm. The ink for the haunting eyes was specially developed.

Princetons were directly produced from the original Audubon/Havell antique engravings.   Instead of working from a photograph and reducing and enlarging the film or working from a scan, we purchased actual originals (from Sotheby's or other auction houses) and brought them into our own printing plant.  These originals themselves were then carefully mounted before a giant wall-mounted bellows process camera, with film the same size as the print.  Thus the exact image was captured on the film.  The large image could then be transferred to mechanical printing plates, without any reductions or enlargements. This process is risky, lengthy, and costly, yet the results are stunning. Direct-camera prints capture the striking original detail in Audubon's originals.  

Concisely, the direct-camera process eliminates two steps (reduction and enlargement) and transfers the image of the original directly to the printing plates. The elimination of these two steps eliminates their attendant distortions, and results in the most accurate of all reproductions.  More info.

What is a copperplate?  

Audubon created his originals by first composing a watercolor study. He generally painted the bird and had assistants add in the flora and background.  Then his engraver etched a reverse image of the composition into polished copperplates.  The plates were black-inked, covered with a sheet of dampened Whatman paper and then sent through the rollers of a press. When pulled off the copperplate, the image was now properly oriented and colorists painted between the lines.

The copperplate of the Labrador Falcon and the original that was actually pulled from this very plate are not for sale.


No where else on the Internet will you see this offer. The larger Grous shown here is the Princeton Audubon Double Elephant Edition Pinnated Grous. This is a must for Audubon colectors since it is one of the only prints where Audubon himself composed all three elements of the print - the bird, the flora, and the background. This print sells for $800 at present, but will soon increase as we near the edition limit. The smaller image is an actual original octavo produced by Audubon in the 1800's, selling for $650. Purchase both for only $1,050!


Original Audubon Octavo Birds - Pre-matted!

Just bring them to your framer and drop them into a frame! These are professionally matted to complement the actual color of the print. These are not reproductions! These are actual Audubon originals, and the most sought-after images at that! 

Plate 359 - Scarlet Ibis

Plate 371 - Purple Heron

Plate 370 - White Egret

Plate 362 - Roseate Spoonbill


Plate 446 - Common Gull

Plate 431 - Sandwich Tern

Plate 302 - White-tailed Ptarmigan

Plate 301 - Rock Ptarmigan