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Audubon collector/author Bill Steiner, "True prints, true colors, incredible detail! Simply the finest ever produced!"

As seen in The New York Times and displayed in The Royal Society of London

John James Audubon's Birds of America and Quadruped prints


John James Audubon's Birds of America

Detail of White Ibis, Plate 360 - Original Audubon Octavo 1st Edition - (1840-1844) - 7 x 10 inches - $1,250



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The Great White Heron - Rare Print Edition life-size reproduction, 28 x 39 inches. $1,800


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(Fifty-eight spectacular full-size Audubon Birds of America images to choose from in Gallery 1 and 2)

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The Princeton Audubon Carolina Parrot. View entire print. The original from which this print was directly produced is valued at $97,000. The Parrot you see detailed here is from the world's only direct-camera edition produced from this original.The print measures 26 1/4 x 37 inches on archival paper that is recommended by The Library of Congress for archives. Of this edition, Audubon print expert William Steiner says, "True prints, great color, incredible detail. Simply the finest Audubon facsimiles ever produced!" More info.Regularly selling for $1,200, today we are featuring this breathtaking print for $950.    

Click here to securely purchase  (Or, call 908-510-1621)                                                                                                                                       Right: Detail. Click here to expand.                                                                                                                              

 The world's only direct-camera Audubon folio prints.

Make your walls scream!

Bring home a Double Elephant!

Welcome to Princeton Audubon! We produced and sell the premier edition of double elephant Audubon Birds of America prints - The Princeton Audubon Double Elephant Edition. THESE ARE THE WORLDS ONLY DIRECT-CAMERA CAPTURE AUDUBON DOUBLE ELEPHANTS. 

These stunning works of fine art are found in Gallery 1 and measure a life-size 26 1/4 " x 39 1/4".  John James Audubon chose such a huge (double) size of paper in order to depict birds in the same size as in real life!  This means that the bird or birds in the foreground of all Audubon folio (full-size) prints are life-size. Feather your nest with award-winning prints such as The American Flamingo, Snowy Owl, Snowy Heron, Purple Heron, Brown Pelican, American White Pelican, and the finest of all Audubon reproductions, The Pileated Woodpecker.

We also offer another same size edition, The Rare Print Edition as seen in Gallery 2. These are archival pigment prints which can be displayed alongside The Princeton Audubon Double Elephant Edition. These are the finest of today's giclee prints.

The Essex Edition is a reduced-size fine art edition, produced directly from the original engravings from The New-York Historical Society and is offered from Gallery 3

Audubon is not just birds! We have reproduced a fine selection of his Imperial Mammals. Please visit Gallery 4 and fur your den!

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Details: Pileated Woodpecker            Columbia Jay    

What about fur?

Audubon is not just birds! See all Imperial mammals in Gallery 4.

(Imperials measure 21 x 28 inches)

Princeton prints found in Gallery 1 were produced by purchasing the originals, taking a same-size photograph with oversize Kodak film, and transferring the exact image to printing plates. Shown here is The Purple Heron.

Right: Small detail from The Purple HeronThis is the print that launched the Fine Art section of The New York Times online store. Limited to 1,500 prints worldwide.  Purchase this $1,200 print today for $950. This edition will soon be sold out.


View all prints from this edition.

Attention grabber!

"The ... detail is extraordinary!"

Audubon dealer Ron Flynn

Red-shouldered Hawk

Princeton Audubon Double Elephant Edition

The powerful Red-shouldered Hawk measures 26 1/4 x 39 1/4 inches.  

Purchase - $800

Click these details!

The Florida Jay - $500

This Rare Print Edition of the Florida Jay is from Gallery 2 and is an archival pigment print, which can be displayed alongside any Princeton print in Gallery 1, as both are double elephant editions.  Click the detail at right to get an idea of the detail in any print offered from this website.

The Florida Jay measures 29 x 39 inches on heavy watercolor paper.

Purchase Jay - $500


Purchase the Florida Jay ($500) and the Baltimore Oriole ($800) for only $900.

Purchase Jay & Oriole - $900


Princeton prints found in Gallery 1 were produced by purchasing the originals, taking a same-size photograph with oversize Kodak film, and transferring the exact image to printing plates.

Just a small detail. Click to expand.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

26 1/4" x 39 1/4"



A young James Audubon.

Born in Haiti, Audubon came to the United States in 1803 as a mere youth.  If he only knew what his history would become ...

Learn more about Audubon

Historical note: 

"Even the name is strange." Interesting quote from Audubon's youth ... "Today I saw the swiftest skater I ever beheld; backwards and forwards he went like the wind, even leaping over large air holes fifteen or more feet across, and continuing to skate without an instant’s delay. I was told he was a young Frenchman, and this evening I met him at a ball, where I found his dancing exceeded his skating; all the ladies wished him as partner; moreover a handsomer man I never saw, his eyes alone command attention; even his name, Audubon, is strange to me.” — David Pawling, Mill Grove, PA; January, 1805, on 19-year-old John J. Audubon. 

The exceptional Iceland or Gyrfalcon. See it in Gallery 2Life-size, 29 x 39 inches. Archival paper. Archival pigment printing. Best in a period frame with spotlight. Edition of 500. 

View a detail.  $1,200


Click for detailed views.



The Pinnated Grous

This print is unique. Audubon customarily composed the birds in the fireground of each image and then employed the use of assistants to paint the background and the flora. But in this print, Audubon himself composed all three elements, making this print truly an Audubon print.

26 1/4 x39 1/4

Princeton Audubon Edition

Purchase - $800

These outstanding prints measure about 29 x 39. Rare Print Edition.  View all prints in this edition.

Yellow Heron

Purchase - $600 

Great Blue Heron

Purchase - $1,800

Barred Owl

Purchase - $500

Canada Goose

Purchase - $900

Wild Turkey

Purchase - $900


Purchase - $900

Wild Turkey - Female

Purchase - $600

Great Northern Diver

Purchase - $600

Night Heron

Purchase $600

Virginia Partridge

Purchase - $600


Purchase - $600

Entire print measures 26 1/4 x 39 1/4 inches. We suggest minimal matting with a period frame.

 Feather your nest!

Plate # 17, Carolina Turtledove, $850

Click this image to see even greater detail. The spectacular  flora makes the print!  The entire print measures 26 1/4 x 39 1/4 inches. There is none better!


On sale today for $700.


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The difference is in the detail!

Please click and note the detail in the picture at right. Princetons have an international reputation for exquisite detail. This is due to our direct-camera capture of detail prior to sending the work to the presses. We purchased the originals, and copied the original, not a copy of an original. Being just one step away from the actual original, Princetons are properly termed first-generation re-creations.

More info on this process ...

One Audubon collector placed his White Pelican original in a vault, and displays our re-creation instead. His guests will never know.

Pigeons are beautiful too!

Band-tailed Pigeon, $500. The banded tailPurchase

"The amount of detail seen in the images is extraordinary."  Audubon print expert Ron Flynn

 You'll want these Blues!

The Blue Crane or Little Blue Heron is a masterful composition. You are probably aware that Audubon himself usually composed the birds, and left the flora and background to his assistants. Their artistic ability has added much to the finished product with breathtaking backgrounds such as this one.

Plate 307. $800



The Baltimore Oriole

$800   Purchase

This print, of two male orioles and a female (shown clinging to the nest), is from a composition painted in Louisiana in 1822 and completed in 1825.  The artist, Joseph Mason, also worked on the background.

More than half a century earlier, the Swedish naturalist Linnaeus, in a scientific description of this orange and black American oriole, had named the bird in honor of Cecil Calvert, second Baron of Baltimore, because Lord Baltimore's family colors were also orange and black.


"Alive and moving" well describes Audubon's compositions. At right is the Whooping Crane. This impressive print measures 28 x 39 inches and is a limited edition of 500. $1,500.

Purchase it from Gallery 2.



Small detail from our reduced-size edition. Gallery 3.

These prints are reduced-size reproductions of the originals held by The New-York Historical Society. Of them, Louise Mirrer, Director of the New-York Historical Society says, "Princeton has faithfully reproduced the N-YHS original engravings in a collector's edition of stunning quality and brilliant color."

At the top right, note the large copper plate with a reverse image of the finished print. 

This 300 year old building is the international conference center for The Royal Society of London.  What connection does it have with Audubon and our own Princeton Edition?

Click the image.

Some details ...

Yellow-billed Cuckoo

Band-tailed Pigeon

The American Flamingo

The Old Male

The American Flamingo depicted in this outstanding composition was actually obtained off the shores of Cuba. We regularly sell this image for $1,200 from our website and through The New York Times online store. This is the world's only direct-camera generated image of this stunning image. We are offering it today at 1/2 price!

Princeton Audubon Double Elephant Edition

26 1/4 x 39 1/4 inches 

TODAY $600


Historical note:

Audubon's compositions depicted for the first time, life-size, all known species of North American birds in characteristic poses.  Each painting presented a drama in the life of the subject, and Audubon succeeded in surpassing what he viewed as the stilted and constrained efforts of previous naturalists. Their works were, in his words, 'stiff.' Audubon's images live to this very day.  "As I wandered, mostly bent on the study of birds, and with a wish to represent all of those found in our woods, to the best of my powers, I gradually became acquainted with their forms and habits..."

The finest Audubon reproduction ever accomplished.

Audubon's portable desk. Courtesy of The New-York Historical Society.  We suggest a visit to this museum, which holds a vast treasure of living Audubon history.

An actual original still bound in a book. The Flamingo is huge! Did we say Audubon prints are life-size?

You maybe interested in the rebinding of the Buckingham Palace Audubon set.

Check it here

Detail from Snowy Owl.  Click the image for info.

Measures 26 1/4 x 39 1/4 inches.  $1,200

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In the early 1800's, John James Audubon composed 433 studies of birds in what he termed the 'natural' size. These served as the basis for his 435 original plates making up The Birds of America. Princeton purchased these actual Audubon originals and physically used them in the production of the full-size fine art prints you see in Gallery 1. Princetons are absolutely accurate documents of Audubon's originals. More info.

Note: Although there are 435 plates in the Birds of America, Audubon composed only 433 studies. Two of this number were used to produce an extra print each. Two plates are missing, thus there are only 431 plates held by The New-York Historical Society, which purchased the remaining compositions from Audubon's widow.

OUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:  If for any reason you wish to return your prints, please use the same shipping materials and return them to us within 14 days of their receipt. Use the return address on the label. We will refund the entire cost of the print.

NEWS: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill adds Princeton Audubon Prints to its collection.  UNC, through its fine Wilson Library, has recently acquired a full collection of Princeton prints.  There are many museums and institutions that hold Princetons, since Princetons are far beyond mere reproductions. These are living, historic documents in that they are absolutely exact re-creations of actual Audubon originals.

An observation regarding prints in Gallery 1: "They are true prints, great paper, incredible detail and true colors. They are simply the finest Audubon facsimiles ever made!"  William Steiner, Audubon collector and author of Audubon Prints: A Collector's Guide To Every Edition.

More reviews.

Princetons are the world's only full-size Audubon re-creations produced through a direct-camera capture of detail, the absolute highest standard.  Actual original Audubon prints were purchased, generally from Sotheby's, and then physically utilized in producing these spectacular prints, making Princetons actual documents of the antique originals, having a physical connection to those done by Audubon's own hand.  Princeton folio size prints measure 26 1/4 x 39 1/4 inches, which is the average trim size of the existing double elephant originals, this being the most common measurement after binding holes on the originals were trimmed away.  Printed on heavy Mohawk paper that is recommended by the Library of Congress for archives, the paper is specially toned to match the average paper color of the 180-year-old antique originals. Each print is accompanied with a corresponding Certificate of Authenticity showing the embossed seal of Princeton Audubon Limited, and the edition number.  Unless otherwise requested by the purchaser, each print itself is also embossed with the Princeton seal in the lower right, and pencil-numbered in the lower left with the edition number, denoting its limited edition. These are the real deal in Audubon fine art.

SPECS: Princeton Audubon Double Elephant Edition •Double elephant (life size - 26 1/4 x 39 1/4) •Limited editions of 1500. •Pencil-numbered and embossed with the Princeton Audubon Limited seal. •Up to 11 color plates used. •Specially developed fade-proof inks. Absolute color fidelity to the actual original. •Printed on a 300 line. •Very heavy archival paper which is recommended by the Library of Congress for archives and is specially toned to match the actual color of the antique originals. •Registered to purchaser. •As seen in New York Times •As permanently displayed at The Royal Society of London, where Audubon served as a Fellow.

Got an eye for fine art? Here is an example of the detail you will see in a Princeton print. At the end of this paragraph you may click on the link  "Here is the detail."   When this detail is displayed on a pc or laptop screen, incline your screen back and forth as you focus on the area above the beak of the pelican. Instead of a smooth wash of black which is seen in other reproductions, you will see what appear to be many small dabs of black. While these are not shown on other reproductions, they do appear on the originals. You see, Audubon's engraver, Robert Havell, used chemicals to etch minute depressions in the smooth copper plates. These depressions would later accept ink, and when the paper was pressed against it and pulled off the plates, these minute dabs appeared. Princeton prints, being the end result of a physical, photographic transfer of detail, are exact documents of the originals. While other reproductions are less expensively produced, you can be certain that your Princeton print is an absolutely accurate document of the original.     Here is the detail. 

Printed on heavy Mohawk paper that is recommended by the Library of Congress for archives, the paper is specially toned to match the average paper color of the 180-year-old antique originals. Each print is stamped with the Princeton seal in the lower right, and pencil-numbered in the lower left denoting its limited edition. If you would like these markings to appear only on the Certificate of Authenticity, please enter your request in the message box at checkout. You may order using our secure cart or by phone at 908-510-1621, or through The Taylor Clark Audubon Gallery in Baton Rouge or through The Key West Audubon Gallery, or through The New-York Historical Society or through The New York Times.

FRAMING OPTIONS: We do not offer framing, however when you purchase our prints through The New York Times online store, you may there choose a reasonable framing option. You may also purchase our prints through The Taylor Clark Gallery. (TIP: They are working off an inventory of our prints received prior to a regular limited edition price increase, so you may get a good price while their supply lasts) This gallery provides superb frames. But generally we advise our clients to bring their print to a local framer along with a picture of the wall where it will be displayed, in order to have the framer match not only the print but the display setting. We also suggest conservation framing. For the prints with a darker background, such as the American White Pelican and the Snowy Owl, we suggest a soft accent lamp. Beaded wood frames set of the prints very well. The Pileated Woodpecker is stunning in a dark black frame.

"Princeton Audubons stand above all other modern offset facsimile reproductions. The colors are bright, fresh and natural looking, and the amount of detail seen in the images is extraordinary." - Audubon dealer and expert Ron Flynn.  Audubon author Bill Steiner calls Princetons, "True prints, great color, incredible detail. Simply the finest Audubon facsimiles ever produced."  "Of all the Audubon reproductions, Princetons come the closest in appearance and quality to the originals." - Chris Lane, co-owner of Philadelphia Print Shop (Philadelphia and Denver) and guest appraiser on PBS Antiques Roadshow. "...the quality of the reproductions reflects precisely the extraordinary state of the art craftsmanship Princeton Polychrome Press has consistently engendered since its inception."  Theodore S. Amussen, Former director of publications and editor-in-chief, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.  (Editor's note: Princeton Polychrome Press is the predecessor to Princeton Audubon Limited)  "The brilliant art prints in this rare limited edition collection are artistic triumphs of exceptional quality and beauty" James Bell, past director New-York Historical Society, New York City  "The Princeton Collection reproductions of Audubon's birds offer an incredible value.  The quality of color, definition and paper are fantastic and far beyond expectations." -  Gallery owner Ben Frishman  "The Princeton Collection represents a remarkable example of historic accuracy and beauty.  No other modern Audubon edition gives collectors the quality and value of the Princeton edition. Audubon himself would no doubt be impressed by the superior workmanship in each print." - Glen Mullen, former Manager, Key West Audubon Gallery.