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Audubon's Birds of America & Quadrupeds.

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Princeton Double Elephants are exact documents of the originals, which we purchased and physically utilized in our reproduction process.  To distinguish our prints from the originals, we stamp this mark at the lower right corner of each image.

Welcome to Princeton Audubon Limited

Princeton Audubon was founded in 1985 and produceed stunning lithographs and archival pigment prints from Audubon's actual originals. Princeton Double Elephant prints are unique in the rarefied world of investment-quality Audubon fine art as they are produced through the purchase and physical use of the actual antique originals. Princeton double elephants are in fact the world's only direct-camera capture Audubon double elephant prints, this being the highest standard in image capture.

Princetons were first produced by the late David Johnson, a Master Printer and collector of Audubon originals who owned the paramount printing company in the country - Princeton Polychrome Press. This company, now sold, achieved an enviable nationwide reputation by reproducing fine art prints for the National Gallery of Art, National Portrait Gallery, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Detroit Institute of Arts and many more.

Between 1827 and 1838, John James Audubon produced in London, England, 200 original aquatint life-size engravings of 435 different compositions of birds from North America. Beginning in 1860, many reproduction editions have been accomplished in various sizes, most reproduced from a small photograph or computer scan.  Today, most Audubon reproductions are ink-jet printouts.  Of all the full-size facsimiles, only the Princeton Folio Edition was produced through the purchase and direct physical use of the actual originals. Thus, Princeton prints retain a physical connection to Audubon's "great work" and are printed on the highest quality paper with ink pressed into the paper through the rollers of the press.  William Steiner, author of Audubon Prints: A Collector's Guide To Every Edition writes, "True prints, true colors, great paper, simply the finest Audubon facsimiles ever produced!"  Chris Lane, guest art appraiser on The Antiques Roadshow stated, "Of all the Audubon prints, Princetons come the closest in appearance and quality to the originals."   The Royal Society of London, to which Audubon belonged as a Fellow, recently chose Princeton prints to permanently display in Chicheley Hall in Buckinghamshire, a 300 year old estate which is now their International Science Center.You may acquire these same prints from this website, from the Audubon House and Gallery in Key West, Florida, and The Taylor Clark Audubon Gallery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We invite you to frame history, and invest in a calmer past.

Note: If you wish to have your print sent to a gallery for professional framing, please enter the address of the gallery for the shipping address when you make the purchase. We can recommend a Gallery for you if you wish.