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Invest in the Past! 

Purchasing Audubon art as an investment?

Knowing which Audubon print to invest in is not easy, as there are many editions to choose from.  We always encourage that you purchase a print because of the beauty, not only the quality.  However, if you are purchasing Audubon prints as an investment, we would like to offer the following suggestions.

First, most Audubon double elephant originals have either stayed the same value or slightly increased despite our current economy.  The larger the image, the larger the increase in value.  Generally, any Audubon double elephant original that ends in the plate number 1 or 6 has been a fine investment, such as the Flamingo (421) or the White Pelican (311).  These are the larger images.  Audubon released his originals to subscribers in groups of five, and the first plate in each group always ended in a 1 or 6, and was generally a larger bird or composition.

As they say, 'They don't make them anymore!'  Only about 200 of each image was produced by Audubon, and most are in museums or university collections today.  Thus, the safest Audubon print investment is in an original.  Of course, we cannot guarantee that any print will increase in value in today's market, but Audubon prints (originals) will always be rare, and will no doubt become harder to find.

The smaller octavo originals are more numerous, with perhaps a few thousand of each image produced, and may even hold in value, but we would not expect them to increase significantly. 

Regarding reproductions, you probably have seen many giclee editions throughout the internet.  These are ink-jet editions which are easier and less expensive to produce.  Publishers generally call these investment editions and promote them as such in their literature. We have already noted that as these editions (which are easier and less expensive to produce) flood the market, some producers have already lowered their prices.  So we would not encourage viewing any giclee edition as an investment.  None-the-less, the giclees which are offered on our website are produced by Rare-Prints and are reasonably priced. They are also historically accurate, not altered by photo imaging programs as all other giclees have been.  But we would not expect them to increase significantly in value.

However, the Princeton Collection is viewed as the finest of all Audubon facsimile editions.  (Facsimile means the same size as the original.)  Its quality is unsurpassed and will likely never be duplicated, as our unique production process required the purchase of the actual originals, which cost into the tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands. Our image capture was a one-to one capture.  You simply cannot do better.

Princetons were offered for $40 to $90 dollars when first produced.  They now sell for many times that, and are near to selling out.  While we cannot guarantee future prices, the past performance shows that Princetons have already been excellent investments, and due to their unequalled quality, their value continues to rise even in today's market.  We will be increasing the price as each image nears the sold out status. Several universities and trusts, in fact, have purchased our entire line for their permanent collections.

Thus, first purchase for the sheer beauty but purchase an original or a Princeton as an investment.  Both should at least hold their value in these difficult times.