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Princeton Audubon is pleased to offer the Rare Prints Edition archival pigment prints. These are exact facsimiles of Audubon's original hand colored engravings. Using ultra high resolution images from top of the line digital cameras the Giclee' printer sprays ink on watercolor paper at up to 4,000 dpi. The result is a reproduction that has the color, detail and texture quality of the original. Each image is printed with archival ink on 330 gram Somerset Velvet Enhanced paper and some with beautiful deckled edges.

Princeton Rare Print Edition Yellow-crowned Heron

Yellow-crowned Heron

28 x 39 inches

Princeton Rare-Print Edition

Of this Heron Audubon wrote, "The flight of the Yellow-crowned Heron is rather slow, and less protracted than that of the Night Heron, which it however somewhat resembles. When in numbers, and surprised on their perches, they usually rise almost perpendicularly for thirty or forty yards, and then take a particular direction, leading them to some well-known place. Whenever I have started them from the nest, especially on the Florida Keys, they would sneak off on wing quite low, under cover of the mangroves, and fly in this manner until they had performed the circuit of the island, when they would alight close to me, as if to see whether I had taken their eggs or young."