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Princeton Audubon Fine Art Prints!

Princeton Audubon Basement

Sixteen Abbeville Edition Prints!

A collector wishes to sell these prints as a set. The set includes The Osprey, The Female Turkey, and many more. $4,750. 908-510-1621.

Close Second Department (CS)

As we clear out our archives we have a number of prints with absolutely minor flaws. These are all tiny creases or cuts at the very edges of the paper. None extend more than 1/2 inch from the edge of the paper. Some are just tiny folds at a corner.  All of these flaws are barely visible and all would be covered by even the smallest amount of matting when framed.  We are offering these on a first come, first served basis. Please be advised that none of these flaws would affect the resale value of the prints. Further, you get not only the same Certificate of Authenticity with the Princeton seal and edition number, but also the same money back guarantee as with all our prints. So these are exceptional deals and we encourage you to browse this list first.

These will appear as CS (Close seconds) followed by the name of the print on your invoice.

American Flamingo
Great Carolina Wren
Red-shouldered Hawk
Blue Crane
Field Sparrow
Vigors's Warbler
Yellow-billed Cuckoo
Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Columbia Hummingbird
Essex Hooping Crane
Essex Louisiana Heron
Grey Fox
Grey Rabbit
Band-tailed Pigeon
White-headed Pigeon
Baltimore Oriole
Snowy Heron
Columbia Jay
American Goldfinch
House Wren
Yellow-breasted Chat
Carolina Turtledove

We know! This is not Audubon! But we printed many works of art for many institutions and museums. As we near retirement, we are clearing out our archives. This is a direct-camera re-creation on fine art paper of Andrew Wyeth's Master Bedroom.

28 1/4 x 22 inches


Begin your collection like Audubon did. With watercolors!


Shown here with margins cropped, these seven prints are reproductions of Audubon's watercolor studies, the first step toward his original engravings later completed by Robert Havell in London. We reproduced these images directly from the offices of The New-York Historical Society, which holds the remaining original watercolors. Interestingly, the compositions held by this society are not all actual Audubon originals but replacements, as many of his first compositions were destroyed. Of the ones presently existing, Audubon usually painted the bird, and had assistants later add in the flora and the background. The paper for these beautiful reproductions measures 16 x 24 inches. Image size varies. Purchase the set of seven shown here for $225.